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May 11, 2016
July 10, 2016
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CSS Cheat Sheet


selector {property: value;}
External Style Sheet
<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”style.css” />
Internal Style
<style type=”text/css”>
selector {property: value;}
Inline Style
<tag style=”property: value”>
Class String preceded by a period
ID String preceded by a hash mark
div Formats structure or block of text
span Inline formatting
color Foreground color
cursor Appearance of the cursor
block; inline; list-item; none
overflow How content overflowing its box is handled

visible, hidden, scroll, auto
visible, hidden
Italic, normal
normal, small-caps
bold, normal, lighter, bolder, integer (100-900)
font-size Size of the font
font-family Specific font(s) to be used
letter-spacing Space between letters
line-height Vertical distance between baselines
text-align Horizontal alignment
blink, line-through, none, overline, underline
text-indent First line indentation
capitalize, lowercase, uppercase
vertical-align Vertical alignment
word-spacing Spacing between words
CSS Box Model height; width;
margin-top; margin-right; margin-bottom; margin-left;
padding-top; padding-right;
padding-bottom; padding-left;
border-width Width of the border
dashed; dotted; double; groove; inset; outset;
ridge; solid; none
border-color Color of the border
clear Any floating elements around the element?

both, left, right, none
float Floats to a specified side

left, right, none
left The left position of an element

auto, length values (pt, in, cm, px)
top The top position of an element

auto, length values (pt, in, cm, px)
static, relative, absolute
z-index Element above or below overlapping elements?

auto, integer (higher numbers on top)
background-color Background color
background-image Background image
repeat, no-repeat, repeat-x, repeat-y
background-attachment Background image scroll with the element?

scroll, fixed
(x y), top, center, bottom, left, right
list-style-type Type of bullet or numbering in the list

disc; circle; square; decimal; lower-roman;
upper-roman; lower-alpha; upper-alpha; none
list-style-position Position of the bullet or number in a list

inside; outside
list-style-image Image to be used as the bullet in a list
* The properties for each selector
are in the order they should appear when using shorthand notation.





/* Comment */

Pseudo Selectors


Media Types





Gautam Chakraborty
Gautam Chakraborty
Backed by 7 years of experience, Gautam Chakraborty is a consultant, website and graphic designer, with nearly 6 years of impactful results in the Web designing, graphic design, and social realm.


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