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October 11, 2016
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October 15, 2017
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No Doubt we all love phone and love taking pictures from it. and for website you can take pictures from many websites like iStock, Stocksy and 500px. Or freepik. Which is 100% free. but it’s about phone because  or say phone blogging modren phones like iphone6, iphone7, latest Samsung phones has very good and crystal clear pictures. These are not proffesional cameras but with pair of settings you can take DSLR quality pictures.

Taking above statement in consideration the below video has a good tips and trick to enhance your phone photography experience. watch these useful tips and tricks for photography blogging.


Have your own iPhone photo tips? Comment and let us know!

Gautam Chakraborty
Gautam Chakraborty
Backed by 7 years of experience, Gautam Chakraborty is a consultant, website and graphic designer, with nearly 6 years of impactful results in the Web designing, graphic design, and social realm.

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