Whether you are a smaller E-commerce business or a larger B2B oriented company, the need for e-mail marketing remains the same since it is still one of the best performing channels within digital marketing. The major benefit is mainly driven by the fact that with a good e-mail marketing, Elements of a successful Email Strategy and Tips strategy, you deliver the right message for audiences of different sizes and types from one place.

Whatever that “place” is, whether it is a Marketing Automation tool or an application solely with the purpose of sending out mass or individual emails, a comprehensive email marketing strategy is required to succeed, regardless of the platform. 

There are approx 280 billion emails sent on a daily basis, how do you make sure your messages stand out? Although there are a number of different approaches to a good email marketing strategy, some aspects are more applicable and easier to maintain than others. Here’s a start.

Elements Of Your Email Strategy

Use Email templates

Having predetermined email templates streamlines the whole workflow when it comes to sending out emails at scale. The creative process is often a time-consuming step, by recycling your templates you really only need to be creative once – at least as far as the layout and email elements are concerned. 

In addition to saving time, the templates are also ensuring brand consistency across all send-outs. Your emails look familiar and your brand awareness increases. With templates, you also secure a consistent layout and format of the emails so the structure of the emails becomes easy to follow with time. 

Audience Segmentation

When building target audiences for your campaigns, it is critical to conduct a thorough segmentation of your customer data in line with the core-subject of the email. To increase the engagement with the customers and minimize the amount of opt-outs no matter whatever it is you are offering, some of the questions should be answered before building the list of recipients. Just because you can send to everyone at the same time does not mean you should.

  • What types of demographic data are suitable for the email? 
  • Which geographic areas are we aiming for?
  • Is there any focus on a specific stage of the sales funnel?
  • Is it relevant for new subscribers or existing customers?

Depending on your prospect data quality and the email technology you are using, segmentation can either be a straight forward, automated process or a manual, time consuming one. Either way, unless you are planning on sending out generic mass emails (which I do not recommend), this step is essential.

Use of Personalization Tokens

Personalization in emails has been a hot topic for a while and is still an important aspect to include in your strategy, if possible. With personalization based on your customer data, the likelihood of engagement and interaction with the emails is increasing. What you want to include in the personalization can be quite broad, the most frequently used value is “First name” within the email. Other personalization tokens could include company names, locations etc.and even dynamic content based on your customer personas.

But why personalize your emails? Well, did you know personalized emails stand out within the inbox as highly relevant, tailor-made material and your messages are more likely to be opened and clicked on?

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