Small business owners are using the Internet to connect with customers through social media, communicate internally and sell products around the world. But just as the Internet is opening new possibilities, it’s also opening the gates for new threats.

Whether you run a manufacturing business, an online consulting firm or a florist shop, you have information that is valuable to crafty cybercriminals. Educating yourself and your employees on the potential threats are key to avoiding an unexpected, costly cyber attack and cyberscam.

Promote device security in your organization to protect from cyberscam

Employees using their personal devices or outside networks for business could carry risks. For example

  • Accessing personal email on Office Network.
  • Accessing unauthorized sites.
  • Using personal phones or connecting phones with office network.
  • Or downloading files from unauthorized sites.

Implement Stronger Cyber Policies

Even the most capable employee won’t know all the cyber threats they face, so giving them strong policies to follow is a must. Set effective rules and guidelines to ensure that your employees know what’s appropriate, and what isn’t when they’re working online.

  • Restrict the types of websites that employees are allowed to visit to exclude those that could compromise your network.
  • Accessing unauthorized sites.
  • Require employees to set strong passwords and use different passwords for different logins.
  • Restrict the amount of personal email sent using employee’s work accounts. This will limit your business’ exposure to online threats that come through personal contacts.
  • Specify when it’s appropriate for employees to share their work email addresses.
  • Set rules on what kinds of business information can be shared online, and where.
  • Prohibit employees from posting confidential and proprietary information.
  • Consider implementing a company social media policy. You can tailor yours based on the many examples that are available online.

Educate Your Employees on Cyber Safety

When it comes to cybersecurity, educating your employees is the first, best defense against most online dangers. And there are many ways to help them get the message, from internal newsletters and staff emails to seminars and lunch and learns.

Here a few simple lessons you can give your employees on what they’re up against online, and what they can do about it.


  • Know the threats like email scams, phishing attacks, botnets, viruses, and trojans. Knowing where they come from and what they look like is the first step to keeping them at bay.
  • Watch out for fake software, do not download any software with your IT Consultation.
  • Protect your social network, Do not post any information related to business or company.
  • Do not write down your passwords.
  • Always lock computer screens when not in use.
  • Protect laptop in public.


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