We All know this January 2021, Elon Musk did a golden advertisement for an app called Signal and slammed Facebook for its latest Privacy and policy updates and suggested his 42 million followers use an encryptied messaging app called Signal.

Many people have retweeted musk’s Tweet, one of them was Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, After Musk’s tweet, the signal was overflowed by new users that they have to tweet about the load and delay for verifications codes for new users.

And the funniest part was people started to buy shares of Signal which do not belong to signal,

On Jan. 6, shares of Signal Advance SIGL, -22.10% closed at 60 cents a share, a solid gain for the Rosharon, Texas-based biotechnology company formerly known as Biodyne Development Company.

A day later, on Thursday, the company’s shares surged 527% to $3.76 — and then all heck broke lose, after apparent ticker confusion amplified a move in the over-counter-traded security into the ether. The surge came after Tesla Inc. TSLA, 0.50%. CEO Elon Musk recommended that people “use signal,” shifting to the encrypted-messaging platform Signal from Twitter TWTR, 0.68% and Facebook FB, 0.35%, following the Sturm und Drang over politics and social-media platforms after the riots on Capitol Hill last week.


below is the little Table on data collected by Signal, telegram, Whatsapp and Facebook from your phone.

No Data.
(The only personal data Signal
Stores is your Phone Number,
and it makes no attempt to link
that to your identity
Contacts InformationDevice IDPurchase History
ContactsUser IDOther financial information
User IDPurchase historyPrecise Location
Phone NumberPhysical address
Email AddressName
ContactsPhone Number
Product InteractionEmail Address
Crash dataContacts
Performance dataPhotos and videos
Payment InfoGameplay content
Product InteractionOther user Account
and MoreSearch history
Browsing history
User ID
Device ID
Payment Information and More

Anyways after musk’s tweet this is quite obvious that worlds richest guy is using Signal for sure. Hope those days will come sooner when we will not be depending on facebook or whatapp any more.